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Lab Safety

By Karen McCadden

This is an alternative to the standard lecture on lab safety. It also introduces group work and creativity in the opening days of school.

  1. List as many safety statements as you can. Some of the statements on your list may apply specifically to the biology lab. Others may reflect work in any lab setting. Statements may also include procedure suggestions. You should be able to come up with at least seven of them. Work alone and without talking to anyone else.

  2. When your instructor indicates, compare and discuss your statements with others in your group. Have a recorder list all of the statements. (The oldest person in your group is the recorder.) Pick a maximum of seven rules that your group finds to be most important. Rephrase them if necessary so that they are clear.

  3. Record the seven rules and list a REASON for following each of your group's rules. (The person in your group whose birthday is closest to your lab instructor's should be the recorder for this portion of the task.)

  4. Choose a member of your group to present your findings to the class; design a class list of procedures to be followed by all lab participants.

  5. Design a slogan or rhyme (between two and four lines) about lab safety. It should fit on a standard sheet of paper. Make it visually appealing. If you wish to make it bigger or in a different format, inform your lab instructor of your group's intentions.

  6. Hand in your lists. The visual aid is due on _____________.

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