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By Sherry Lovvorn

Type of Entry:

  • Project

Type of Activity:

  • Hands-onProject
  • Inquiry

Target Audience:

  • Life Science
  • Biology


Each student chooses his favorite insect to share with the class. The project is based on a contract grade, so the student decides how much research is needed.

The insect projects are presented in class and displayed at the first PTA meeting.


  1. What question does this activity help students answer?

    1. What is my favorite insect?

    2. How can I show my classmates this insect?

    3. What unusual characteristics does my insect possess?

  2. Notes to the teacher:

    1. The first week of class is an excellent time for this project.

    2. Have projects on display for the first PTA meeting.

    3. Be very brief with the instructions so that the students will be more creative.

  3. Required of students:

    1. The student will display his insect in 1 to 4 ways.

    2. The student will share his project with the class and possibly a PTA group.

  4. Preparation Time:

    1. Two weeks

  5. Class time needed:

    1. One day to introduce the idea

    2. One week of class to cover insect characteristics

    3. Two class days for class presentations


  1. Materials needed:

    1. A wide range of books for researching the insect. (School library may be used.)

    2. Each student will supply materials needed for the displays�Example�Video camera, supplies for the mobile, jewelry,t-shirts, plaster of paris, construction paper, markers, etc.

    3. Tables for the projects at PTA meeting

  2. Activity:

    Each student will introduce his favorite insect to the class using any way he chooses. The student's grade goes up each time a new way is used.

  3. Method of Assessment/Evaluation

    Contract Grades will be used. The student will decide to contract for an A,B,C, or D. The student will sign the contract showing his intent for such grade:

                   A-Display insect 4 ways
                   B-Display insect 3 ways
                   C-Display insect 2 ways
                   D-Display insect 1 way

    If the projects are poorly constructed and sloppily done, points are subtracted. Very neat and creative projects receive additional points.

  4. Extension/Reinforcement/Additional Ideas

    1. Following the class presentations, the students may want to research rare and unique insects.

    2. A comparison can be made of similar insects.

    3. The same grading system can be used for other projects throughout the year.

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