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The Mysteries of Aging:
Is Diet a Contributing Factor?


Edward J. Masoro, Ph.D
Professor and Director
Aging Research and Education Center
Univeristy of Texas Health Science Center
at San Antonio

World Wide Web Resources

The Aging Research Centre (ARC) Home Page
The Aging Research Centre provides information to researchers in the field of aging as well as to interested non-scientists. Site contains links to related resources including laboratories and databases, information on conferences and meetings, and more.

Population Studies Center
Includes a very thorough list of links to aging-related materials

America's Lifeline Home Page
America's Lifeline is a fascinating look at the interaction between health and demographic data. Site includes fascinating charts showing trends, patterns, and demographic analysis of America's population.


Masoro, E. J. (Aug. 1992). "A Dietary Key to Uncovering Aging Processes." News in Physiological Sciences 7, 157-160. A synopsis of the retardation of senescence by dietary restriction is presented for those with biological knowledge but who are not gerontologists.

Perls, T. T. (Jan. 1995). "The Oldest Old." Scientific American 71-75. A discussion of the characteristics of people over 90 years of age and the societal issues which are likely to be encountered as the number of people in this segment of the population increases during the twenty-first century.

Ricklefs, R. E. and Finch, C. E. (1995). Aging, A Natural History. Scientific American Library, New York. A brief book for the educated layman presenting the current status of knowledge of the biology of aging.

Rusting, R. L. (Dec. 1992). "Why Do We Age?" Scientific American 131-141. A clear, non-technical discussion of currently popular theories about the basic nature of aging.

Walford, R. and Walford, L. (1994). The Anti-Aging Plan: Strategies and Recipes for Extending Your Health Years. Four Walls Eight Windows, New York. A brief book relating the rodent work on dietary restriction as well as other aging studies to strategies for coping with aging in humans.

Weindruch, R. (Jan. 1996). "Caloric Restriction." Scientific American 46-52. A synopsis of the retardation of senescence by dietary restriction presented for educated laymen.

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