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Access Excellence Classic Collection

The Heart and the Circulatory System

Sites On The World Wide Web

The American Heart Association National Center

An encyclopedia of subjects related to heart disease and stroke, compiled by the American Heart Association. Scores of terms, conditions, treatments, and medications are covered, from Angioplasty to Chicken Skin to Rheumatic Heart Disease.

Multimedia Medical Reference Library/ Cardiac and Cardiology

An in-depth collection of links to references related to the heart and its functions in both health and disease. Includes a search engine to help you quickly identify relevant materials.

The Heart: A Virtual Exploration

LOTS of great materials. Includes information on development of the heart, circulation, diet, health, disease and lots more. Even includes graphics and a short video clip of heart bypass surgery. Prepared for the Franklin Institute Science Museum .

Articles From The Scientific American

Scientific American has published articles examining many aspects of the heart and circulation of the blood...

Aneurysms. By Kaj Johansen. July, 1982.

Coronary Thrombosis. By Paul D. White. June, 1950.

Ernest Starling. By Ralph Colp, Jr. October, 1951.

Heart Muscle. By the Editors. August, 1951.

Heart Sounds. By Victor A McKusick. May, 1956.

High Blood Pressure. By Irvine H. Page. August, 1948.

Rheumatic Fever.. By Earl H. Freimer and Mclyn McCarty. December, 1965.

Snakes, Blood Circulation and Gravity. By Harvey B. Lillywhite. December, 1988.

The Blood-brain Barrier. By Gary W. Goldstein and A. Lorris Betz. September, 1986.

The Electrocardiogram. By Allen M. Scher. November, 1961.

The Heart As A Suction Pump. By Thomas F. Robinson, Stephen M. Factor, and Edmund H. Sonnenblick. June, 1986.

The Heart As An Endocrine Gland. By Marc Cantin and Jacques Genest. February, 1986

The Heart. By Carl J. Wiggers. May, 1957.

The Lymphatic System. By H.S. Mayerson. June, 1963.

The Medical Influence of the Stethoscope. By Stanley Joel Reiser. February, 1979.

The Microcirculation of The Blood. By Benjamin W. Zweifach. January, 1959.

The Physiology of Exercise. By Carlton B. Chapman and Jere H. Mitchell. May, 1965

The Rise and Fall of Ischemic Heart Disease. By Reuel A. Stallones. November, 1980.

The Wonderful Net. By P.F. Scholander. April, 1957.

William Harvey. By Frederick G. Kilgour. June, 1952.


Medicine: An Illustrated History, by Albert S Lyons, M.D. and R. Joseph Petrucelli, II, M.D., published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers, New York, copyright 1978.

Anatomy and Physiology. Guyton, A.C. Saunders College Publishing. Philadelphia. 1985. Pages 397-469.

Biology. 2nd Edition. Campbell, N.A. The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company. Redwood City, California. 1990. Pages 817-834.

Cardiovascular Physiology. 4th Edition. Berne, R.M. and Levy, M.N. The C.V. Mosby Company. 1981.

Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual. 3rd Edition. Marieb, E.N. The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company. Redwood City, California. 1989. Pages 270-320.

Principles of Anatomy and Physiology. 5th Edition. Tortora, G.J. and Anagnostakos, N.P. Harper & Row, Publishers. New York. 1987. Pages 460-528.

The American Heart Association Heartbook. American Heart Association. E.P. Dutton. New York. 1980.

The Unity and Diversity of Life. 6th Edition. Starr, C. and Taggart, R. Wadsworth Publishing Company. Belmont, California. 1992. Pages 664-673.

The World of Biology. 4th Edition. Davis, P.W., Solomon, E.P. and Berg, L.R. Saunders College Publishing. Philadelphia. 1990. Pages 636-657.

Vertebrates: Physiology. Wessels, N.K., Editor. Scientific American. 1979. Pages 15-20.

Kits And Demonstrations

Note: Following are two science supply houses that market a variety of heart and circulation-oriented materials. Please obtain complete descriptions and price lists from the vendor prior to purchase. Access Excellence does not endorse any individual product.

Carolina Biological Supply

A complete catalog of materials can be obtained by calling 1-800-334-5551. Materials available include charts, transparencies, videos, slides, models, preserved speciments and more. Contact the company for order and pricing information.

Ward's Biology:

A complete catalog of materials can be obtained by calling 1-800-962-2660. Materials available include charts, transparencies, videos, slides, models, preserved speciments and more. Contact the company for order and pricing information.

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