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Radioactivity:Historical Figures
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This web page was designed by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Information is available for a variety of populations such as underrepresentation of minorities and women as well as special groups such as interested young students and immigrants who wish to pursue careers in science and engineering professions.


  1. Walter Thumm. "Roentgen's Discovery of X Rays".
    Physics Teacher; v13, n4, p207-214, Apr 1975. Relates the story of Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen and presents one view of the extent to which the discovery of the X ray was an accident. Reconstructs the sequence of events that led to the discovery and includes photographs of the lab where he worked and replicas of apparatus used.

  2. J. C. Freeman. "From Radio to X-rays--Some 'Real' Electrical Applications".
    School Science Review; v67, n240, p469-75, Mar 1986. Describes practical applications related to X rays, ultra-violet radiation, light radiation, short-wave infra-red radiation, medium-wave infra-red radiation, long-wave infra-red radiation, microwave radiation, and radio frequency radiation. Suggests that these applications be used during instruction on electricity.

  3. Glenn T. Seaborg. "Modern Alchemy".
    Science Teacher; v50, n8, p29-34, Nov 1983. Reviews the historical development of the periodic table, examining major changes due to the understanding of radioactivity, synthetic transmutation by bombardment, differences between transuranium elements and the lanthanide series, and the transactinide elements. Discusses the continuing work on atomic synthesis and its importance in extending our understanding of the periodic table.

  4. Florence G. Freilich. "Radiation and People".
    Physics Teacher; v8, n9, p499-507, Dec 1970. Describes the development of radiation as a tool of medicine. Includes topics on history of radiation, electromagnetic spectrum, X-ray tubes, high energy machines, radioactive sources, artificial radioactivity, radioactive scanning, units, present radiation background, and effect of radiation on living tissue.

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