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Examples of Restriction Enzymes

Enzyme Organism from which derived Target sequence
(cut at *)
5' -->3'
Ava I Anabaena variabilis C* C/T C G A/G G
Bam HI Bacillus amyloliquefaciens G* G A T C C
Bgl II Bacillus globigii A* G A T C T
Eco RI Escherichia coli RY 13 G* A A T T C
Eco RII Escherichia coli R245 * C C A/T G G
Hae III Haemophilus aegyptius G G * C C
Hha I Haemophilus haemolyticus G C G * C
Hind III Haemophilus inflenzae Rd A* A G C T T
Hpa I Haemophilus parainflenzae G T T * A A C
Kpn I Klebsiella pneumoniae G G T A C * C
Mbo I Moraxella bovis *G A T C
Mbo I Moraxella bovis *G A T C
Pst I Providencia stuartii C T G C A * G
Sma I Serratia marcescens C C C * G G G
SstI Streptomyces stanford G A G C T * C
Sal I Streptomyces albus G G * T C G A C
Taq I Thermophilus aquaticus T * C G A
Xma I Xanthamonas malvacearum C * C C G G G

Note: Only one strand of the target DNA is shown, in the interests of clarity. It will be noted that the omitted strand has the same sequence as the one show, but the nucleotides occur in the reverse order. Thus for example The complementary sequence for Sal I (with its point of cleavage indicated as above) is 5' -C A G C T * G-3'. These are hence said to be palindromic sequences, and double-stranded cuts produce short sinlge-stranded cohesive ends.

Information From: Biotechnology Made Simple. 4th ed 1991. PJB Publications. Surrey, U.K.

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