The Gene Connection™ Second Annual Bioethics Symposium and Workshop

for Bay Area High School and Community College Science and Social Science Teachers

Presented by the San Mateo County Biotechnology Education Partnership
December 2, 1998, Menlo Park, California


Professor Ernlé Young, Co-Director of the Stanford University Center for Biomedical Ethics, addresses ethical and social issues arising from genetic testing, gene therapy, genetic enhancement and cloning in two parts:

1. The Genetic Revolution: Ethical Issues
2. An Approach to Teaching Ethical Decision Making in Medicine and Life Sciences
Discussion Questions and Group Responses


Ms. Andrea Zanko, Genetic Counselor from the University of San Francisco-Stanford Medical Center, relates real-life dilemmas encountered in the world of prenatal, pediatric and adult genetic counseling:

3. Genetic Testing in a Clinical Setting
Scenario Discussions and Audience Questions

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