Recommended Books

Reiss, Michael J. and Roger Stanghaa, Improving Nature? The Science and Ethics of Genetic Engineering; Cambridge University Press, 1997

Walters, LeRoy and Julie Gaye Palmer, The Ethics of Human Gene Therapy; New York: Oxford University Press, 1997

Willer, Roger A., Ed. Genetic Testing & Screening: Critical Engagement at the Intersection of Faith and Science; Minn, Kirk House Publishers, 1998

Recommended Journal Articles

Robertson, John A. "Oocyte Cytoplasm Transfers and the Ethics of Germ-Line Intervention"; Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 26 (1998):211-20

Rothstein, Mark A. "Genetic Privacy and Confidentiality: Why They Are So Hard to Protect"; Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 26 (1998): 198-204

Text References

The Genetic Revolution: Ethical Issues

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