In conclusion…

So, cloning doesn't worry me in the conventional way, that we're going to produce these monsters, these evil people like Hitler. But I am concerned about the technological imperative, especially as it applies to the advanced reproductive technologies, and this question of failed attempts at human cloning. So that's all I wanted to do in this introductory session: lay out to you some of the issues that I see with respect to genetic testing, and therapy, beginning at the somatic cell level but moving on eventually to the germ line level, and then finally the subject of cloning. Before we take a break, are there any questions?

Before I move into this next section of our morning, I just wanted to qualify something that I had said earlier. In light of discussion we had during the break, I mentioned the program in the Ashkanazi Jewish Community. I should have made it clear that this is a very small community in New York where there's a high percentage of Hasidic Jews, Ashkanazi Jews. It's called the Dor Yeshorium Program, in New York. And it's not widely adopted throughout the rest of the country, let alone the rest of the world. Sherry came up to talk to me and mentioned that because of that one isolated social experiment, there are all sorts of rumors going around that, in the State of Israel, for example, people are not allowed to marry without having been tested and cleared genetically, and that's absolutely not true. So, I hope that corrects any wrong impression that I may have given.

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