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Portable Document Format (PDF) Information

In order to preserve the original formatting of documents we've created, they are available on the SEP Web site as PDF files. Portable Document Format, or PDF, allows documents to be viewed on any computer which can run Acrobat Reader, downloadable free (click on the icon at the bottom of the page) from the software company Adobe. To download a file from our site, click on the icon: or the highlighted text next to it.
Acrobat Reader is available for Macs, IBM-compatibles, and other platforms. Beware that the Adobe site is heavily used, and the Reader is a large file which will take quite a while to download. With the Reader, you will not be able to alter PDF files, only view and print them.
If you're using Netscape, you can try their plug-in, which allows integrated reading of PDF files within Netscape. Adobe also has instructions on configuring your browser to load and display PDF documents, rather than prompting you to save the document, then opening it separately (this information is not unique to Acrobat).
Talk to us if you need the file in another format (e.g. Microsoft Word).
Adobe Acrobat

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