The Woodrow Wilson National Leadership Program in Biology

1991 - Natural History and Ecology of Homo Sapiens
1992 - Bioethics
1993 - Biotechnology
1994 - Populations to Molecules
1995 - Evolution

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, located in Princeton, NewJersey, administers education programs at all levels. Among them is the National Leadership Program for Teachers (NLPT), which is the umbrella title for the precollege teacher programs. Check out the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship website.

Since 1991, the National Leadership Program for Teachers has offered programs in a variety of biology topics: human ecology, bioethics, biotechnology and genetics. Although the topics are diverse, there is an underlying perspective common to all of them. Each residential Core Institute approaches its subject in an integrative way, focussing on the particular theme but using that theme to illuminate other areas of biology. In 1995 the subject will be EVOLUTION, with a focus on how evolutionary thinking provides a context for understanding biological phenomena at many levels of organization--molecular and cellular, organismal, population and ecosystem.

The summer programs include labs, field trips, museum visits, lectures and other classroom activities. The institutes, running each year from the first Sunday in July to the last Friday of the month, are held on the campus of Princeton University, and the participants have access to the university's libraries and instructional facilities. A computer/multimedia laboratory provides opportunities for beginners and more experienced users alike in the latest technology for life sciences instruction and classroom management. Participants create classroom and curriculum materials based on the year's topic and later conduct inservice and outreach activities funded with grants administered as part of the program. A team of teachers from each year's group of participants leads one-week workshops in subsequent summers as part of the TORCH program. TORCH institutes are currently being offered in human ecology, biotechnology, and biology for middle school teachers.

Materials produced by the teachers for classroom use are distributed without charge as long as supplies last and are available by writing to WWNFF in the spring following any Core Institute.

For further information, write to NLPT, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, CN5281, Princeton, NJ 08543-5281; or call 609-452-7007; Fax: 609-452-0066.

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