Ellen Averill
1993 Woodrow Wilson Biology Institute

Safety considerations must be made while working with DNA and other biological materials in the classroom. Many of the procedures are based on standard microbiology techniques. For a good review of these techniques, as well as other safety concerns with handling and disposal of materials, the teacher should consult a safety manual. An excellent guideline is available from NABT. The practical guide is for teachers and students who work with DNA and host organisms. Sections include exempt DNAs and hosts, materials preparation and disposal, standard microbiological and aseptic practices, work area preparation, supervision, handling spills, and references and resources. To order this guide, Working with DNA & Bacterial in Precollege Science Classrooms , write to NABT, 11250 Roger Bacon Drive, #19, Reston, VA 22090 USA - (703) 471-1134. Member Price: $8; Nonmember Price:$10.

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