Ellen Averill
1993 Woodrow Wilson Biology Institute

  1. Make sure that you know the location of the nearest fire extinguisher and eyewash station.

  2. Always follow directions and wait until you are told to begin any laboratory procedure.

  3. Wash hands with antibacterial soap before and after each experiment.

  4. Use goggles for eye protection. Since contact lenses provide special considerations, the use of regular glasses is recommended on laboratory days.

  5. Contain long hair with a hair net or rubber band.

  6. Remove or correct loose clothing.

  7. Footwear should protect against slipping and from falling materials. Wear closed toed shoes as directed by your teacher.

  8. Keep reagents, biologicals and hands away from mouth, face and hair.

  9. Never return unused reagents to stock bottles. Dispose of these as directed by your teacher.

  10. Have disinfectants and paper towels nearby for cleaning up spills.

  11. Never leave anything unattended while it is being heated .

  12. Keep all papers, plastics and alcohol beakers away from Bunsen burners or alcohol lamps.

  13. Keep all hands, hair, arms and sleeves away from the openings of all vessels and tools.

  14. Use only the equipment the teachers has authorized you to use.

  15. Under no conditions are unauthorized or unsupervised experiments to be performed.

  16. Report all spills, accidents or broken equipment immediately to the teacher.

  17. Dispose of all materials properly by putting bacterial and recombinant DNA waste into a biohazard bag or basin for decontamination.

  18. Disconnect appliances by pulling the plug rather than pulling the cord.

  19. Clean up your work area when finished by decontaminating it with 10% bleach solution.

  20. Ask the teacher for assistance when uncertain of proper and safe procedures to follow.

My signature below indicates that I understand and will follow the general safety rules as listed above.

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