The Use of Biocards for Topical Review

Thomas Crowley
1994 Woodrow Wilson Biology Institute


A course in biology traditionally introduces more new vocabulary words than a year of foreign language class. Basic knowledge of terminology, structures or concepts forms an important foundation to any unit of study. Once learned, this information may have to be reviewed and reinforced throughout the course of the year. The use of Biocards may help in this reinforcement process.

Teacher information

The Biocards may be made up for any unit you wish to review (ecology, taxonomy, biochemistry, human physiology, genetics, etc.). Each Biocard covers one or two key terms, structures or concepts. Once created, the Biocards are then distributed to the students who may use them in a variety of ways, including:
  • Using the Biocards as a simple set of flash cards with which the students might test themselves or their classmates.
  • Four similar or different sets of Biocards might be combined so that the students have 50-60 cards and could use them as they would a deck of playing cards (Biopoker, Biosolitaire, etc.).
  • A set of Biocards could be enlarged and laminated for class use in review or as a poster.

The Biocards that are included with this module were created on a computer using a paint program; however, you might find it easier for you or your students to produce them by hand. I suggest that you place the Biocards on heavy stock paper or that a pattern be placed onto their backs so that students can't see each others "hands."

For further information contact: Thomas Crowley, Adirondack Central High School, Rt 294, Boonville, NY 13309

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