Genetics and Hypermedia

Lynne Chase, Rick Roberts, and Tish Taylor
1994 Woodrow Wilson Biology Institute


The age of technology has required teachers and students to become more and more computer literate. HyperCard and HyperStudio are powerful authoring tools that permit teachers and students to create innovative multimedia presentations without having a lot of computer experience. These presentations can be shared within a school or networked to provide a large data base of information. Currently there are many Hyper Stacks available on America Online, Infonet, PSCinet, and Internet. This module is composed entirely of HyperCard Stacks and HyperStudio Stacks for the Macintosh that give an introduction on how to use these computer programs to construct your own presentations.

Reasons for using HyperCard and HypersStudio:

  • Computers allow students to be more creative
  • Provides a new and different learning style and independence in their analysis and reporting of data
  • Archival retrieval system for reference
  • Alternative to dissection
  • Outlet for students who are alternative learners
  • Creative writing
  • Lab station to dispense information
  • Making a game
  • Class presentations
  • Keeping a journal
  • Students can create presentations as a test grade
  • Peer teaching develops teamwork
  • Increases visual cues to encourage text interpretation
  • Extra credit

Contents of disk with outline of documents in each folder:

  • How to make a HyperCard Stack
  • Learning About HyperStudio
  • Example Stacks
    • Biodiversity in Tropical Rainforests
    • Founder's Effect on S‹o TomŽ
    • Regional Areas of the Body

How to get a copy of this disk:
Send 3 blank, Macintosh formatted disks and disk mailer to: Tish Taylor, 6703 Lancret Hill Dr., Austin, TX 78745-4716.

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