Itsy and Bitsy Say Good-bye

1994 Woodrow Wilson Collection


Itsy and Bitsy relaxing and planning their winter retreat to the Bio Greenhouse where they have built quite an extensive tunnel system.

Bitsy: (With a sigh) "Gee Itsy, I sure am going to miss this place, we have had a great fall here in the Bio Lab."

Itsy: (Shaking head in agreement) "Yes, we have. I have learned a lot about fruit flies over the past few months. (With a sidelong glance) I sure hope you've learned how to build better trap doors this year."

Bitsy: (In a testy voice) "You just can't let that trap door incident go, can you? How was I to know that a disgusting stink bug was going to crash down on your head."

Itsy: "OK Bitsy, I'm sorry, you're right -AS USUAL-I should let bygones be bygones."

Bitsy: "Thanks Itsy, I'm so glad you are my best friend. (In a sad voice) I really wish Uncle Don were around to see what we've learned about Drosophila and genetics, he would be so proud."

Itsy: (In agreement) "He sure would! It is really sad how he just sits there all preserved on that shelf staring into space."

Bitsy: "Yes it is! (Exclaiming in a disgusted voice) I can't believe ______________________ (Insert your Bio teacher's name) did such a thing. I mean really, zapping him in a microwave, to preserve him forever."

Itsy: (Holding up forearms to cover face) "Ugh! Stop! I don't want to think about it again. That's all in the past, lets think about the future."

Bitsy: (Thoughtfully) "Hmm-the future. I wonder what the future of genetics holds. I mean, look at what we've learned in such a short time. A year from now, the world could be entirely different thanks to genetic research."

Itsy: (Standing and scratching head) "You're right again, Bitsy, things are changing fast. With all the new technology available and the discoveries taking place daily and with things like the Human Genome Project, the sky is the limit. Biotechnology and Genetics-WOW!-the wave of the future."

Bitsy: (Shaking head in dismay) "Humans, now there's a lesson in genetic drift. I really hope humans continue to strive toward new horizons in the study of genetics."

Itsy: "Sure, Bitsy. Some humans are still working very hard. Look at what has happened in the last few years in Molecular Genetics. It has given the world insights into the origin of life, and its evolution, the emergence of humans, and our intimate relatedness to every other species on Earth."

Itsy and Bitsy: (In unison as they walk off toward their new home)

"Ah, the wonder of life!!!!!"

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