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Lab 305: Part VI, Day 5
Post-Lab: Get Data and Evaluate Crime "Suspects"

  1. Before seeing your photograph -- which "suspect" do you think is guilty, and why?

    NOW, examine your photograph! Study the patterns of DNA fragments on your gel. Glue the photo to your post-lab.

  2. Into how many pieces are the DNA samples cut?

  3. Are all the DNA pieces the same size?

  4. Does the DNA from any of the suspects match that of the crime scene? If so, who? How closely?

  5. What kind of pattern on a gel does uncut DNA make?

  6. What societal and ethical issues are raised by the application of DNA fingerprinting?

  7. Are there other uses of DNA fingerprinting that could be detrimental or discriminating to the average, honest citizen?

Upon completion of this lab
  • Dispose of designated materials in the appropriate places.
  • Leave equipment as you found it.
  • Check that your work station is in order.
  • Wash your hands.

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