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Introduction to the Gene Connection

The Gene Connection, the San Mateo County (California) Biotechnology Education Partnership, supports teachers with the equipment, supplies, reagents and expertise necessary to do meaningful experiments with DNA. Two part time Educator/Technicians hired by the partnership prepare reagents, provide technical expertise, coordinate workshops and support teachers. A driver hired by the partnership uses a van owned by the San Mateo County Office of Education to transport kits from school to school. Since kits are booked from September through June, there is no time for the kits to go back to the laboratory at Cañada College for cleaning or restocking between visits to schools. Therefore teachers using the kit are responsible for seeing that the kit is useable by the next school. Necessary reagents and new supplies are sent directly to the school and where appropriate, receiving teachers restock the kit. Teachers are trained several ways: at workshops lead by Gene Connection Educator/Technicians and partnership teachers, at their school sites by lead teachers and partnership staff, and in workshops offered by nearby partnerships.

This set of inventory sheets accompanies the Gene Connection Kit. Instructions are designed for Gene Connection teachers and should be used only as a starting place if you are setting up a similar program. Numbered boxes go directly from school to school. Lettered boxes return to Cañada College after visiting a single school carrying waste that needs autoclaving and containers that need refilling from "central stores". From Cañada College these boxes go to the next school with needed supplies, consumable reagents, enzymes, DNA and similar perishables. This program works because every teacher and student involved in the program takes individual responsibility for care of equipment and maintenance of the kit.


Remember, you, the Lead Teacher, are ultimately responsible for the condition of the kit entering/leaving your school. Double check your teacher and/or student helpers!

Sending school:
Sending teacher's name:

Reminder to sending teacher:
  1. Double check that everything is clean, accounted for and correctly packed.
  2. Fill out two copies of this check-out form:
    1. Place one in next school's folder;
    2. Send second to CAÑADA in Box A.

Receiving school:
Receiving teacher:

Reminder to receiving teacher:
  1. Check all boxes. Count everything. Check to see if needed items are marked "ALERT."
  2. Note any discrepancies on this form.
  3. Call Marti Wright (650-306-3248 day) to verify receipt and condition of kit.
  4. If you need alcohol lamps or special equipment, call Marti.

Put a copy of completed "Inventory Check-Out" into next school's folder. Copy "Student Evaluation" form. Send completed evaluations forms to CAÑADA in Box A. Fill out "Teacher Feedback" form and send to CAÑADA in Box A.

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