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Box 15

    1. Rinse all trays and gel boxes. Dry outside of boxes with paper towels.
       Do not use towels on the inside of gel box. AIR DRY ONLY so you won't damage platinum wires.
    2. Place a casting tray (gates secured down) and 6-well comb in each gel box.
    3. Be sure to MATCH LID# with APPROPRIATE BOTTOM#!!!!!! This is to protect gel boxes.
    4. Place gel boxes w/trays in large Ziploc bags, red lead up.
    5. Pack EXACTLY as diagrammed on Packing Guide in box.
    6. Send broken gel box or tray to Canada in Box A, B, or C. Include a filled-out "repair" form.
    1. Wipe down power supplies with damp paper towels. Place in large Ziploc bag.
    2. Pack as shown in packing diagram.
    3. Send broken power supply to Canada. Include a filled-out a "Repair" form.
Casting trays 9 ea      
Combs, 6-tooth 9 ea      
Gel boxes, in protective bags 9 ea      
Power Supplies 5 ea      
Cords for Power Supplies (in bag) 5 ea      
Packing Diagram 1      

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