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Box 2

Count all magazines. Stack in numerical order.
DNA 3-D model 1 ea      
"Blazing a Genetic Trail" Publication (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) 15 ea      
"Threads of Life" magazine 20 ea      
"The Human Genome Project: From Maps..." 36 ea      
Reading Guide for HGP's "Maps to Medicine" 1 ea      
"To Know Ourselves" Publication (U.S. Dept. fo Energy and the Human Genome Project) 30 ea      
"Race Against Lethal Microbes" 25 ea      
Video-CSH tape on DNA Restriction Digest 1 ea      
Video-CSH tape on DNA Transformation 1 ea      
Video-"Genes by Design" & "Anastasia" 1 ea      
Video-"Human Genome Project" 1 ea      
Video-"Murder, Rape and DNA" 1 ea      
Video-"Jobs in Biotech" 1 ea      

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