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Box 4

Be sure "buffer" & "ethanol" tubes are rinsed, dried and packed 20/bag.
Refill all remaining tubes with appropriate solutions.
For refilling tubes of food coloring, use about 4 drops concentrate per 100 mL water.
Indicate approximate fullness of bottles, ie. full, half-full, tiny bit, etc.
Return empty, near empty and/or duplicate stock bottles to Canada in Boxes A-C.
Amphyl disinfectant (200X concentrate), @500mL 1 bottle      
Amphyl disinfectant, diluted 1:200 12 bottles      
15-mL tubes for measuring EtOH (DNA Labs) 20/bag      
15-mlL tubes for measuring buffer (Lab B) 20/bag      
Colored glycerol solution (Lab A ext.) 24/box      
Colored glycerol solution (green), extra stock 1 bottle      
Dyes for electrophoresis (Labs C-1* & C-2) 1 box      
Food coloring 1 box      
Loading dye (for student use) 24/box      
Loading dye, extra stock 1 bottle      
NaCl (1M), 15-mL/tubes 20/rack      
NaCl (5M), dropper bottles 20/tray      
NaCl (5M), extra stock (also for making 1M NaCl) 1 bottle      
Phenol red (for student use) Lab B ONLY 24/box      
Phenol red, extra stock 1 bottle      
Soap, diluted 1:2, for defogging gel box lids 20/tray      
Solutions I - IV (4 colors for Lab A) 24 /box      
Solution V, 15-mL/tube 20/rack      
Waxed paper 1 roll      

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