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Box 5

Rinse and dry all items that were used.
Stack plastic containers used with Ethidium Bromide in two stacks without tops.
Make two stacks of tops and secure with rubber bands.
Place 4 goggles in a large Ziploc bag.
Place 4 spatulas in a large Ziploc bag.
Indicate approximate fullness of boxes, ie. full, half-full, etc.
Baggies, Ziploc, small 1-2 box      
Baggies, Ziploc, large 1 box      
Collander 1 ea      
Ethidium Bromide Safety instructions 1 ea      
Funnel for Ethidium bromide 1 ea      
Gloves (Small) 1 box      
Gloves (Medium) 1 box      
Gloves (Large) 1 box      
Goggles 4 pr      
Spatulas 4 ea      
Staining/rinse dishes w/ tops 18 ea      
Weigh boats 12" stack      

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