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Box 6

Count ALL ITEMS, even if you didn't use them. YOU are accountable!
Replace lost pens with "Sharpie" pens with black, waterproof ink.
Return USED tubes of toothpicks to be resterilized in Boxes A-C.
Aluminum foil 1 roll      
Bacterial inoculating loops 20 ea      
Bacterial spreaders 20 ea      
Biohazard bags 15 ea      
Cheesecloth 1 pkg      
Cans for alcohol (for flaming spreaders) in box 18 ea      
Extension cord, 2-prong 1 ea      
Extension cord, 3-prong 1 ea      
Pasteur pipets 1 box      
Pens, permanent ink markers, black 24 ea      
Stirring rods, glass - for spooling DNA 24 ea      
Tape dispenser & tape 1 ea      
Tape (extra) several      
Thermometers (extras) 2 ea      
Toothpicks, sterile 20 tubes      

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