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Lesson Sequence: Day 1

Day 1: Introduction to chemical nomenclature, discrete number concept, LAB 1.

  1. Class problem/discussion - (Use any compounds you wish. I used the following.)

    compound chemical formula
    water H2O
    methane CH4
    ethanol CH3CH2OH
    phosphoric acid H3PO4
    acetic acid CH3COOH

    1. Discuss meaning of the formulas.
    2. Discuss meaning of "dozen."
    3. Assign two problems. Start in class, finish at home.
      1. How many molecules will you have of each compound above if you are given -
        • 1 dozen
        • 5 dozen
        • 10 dozen
        • 0.5 dozen
        • X dozen
      2. How many dozens of atoms of each kind will there be for each compound given the number of molecules in Question "a" above? (Have students make a table to simplify the

  2. Do LAB 1.
    1. Students to supply info for Hyphothesis and Test. For NaCl, 5.8gm/100mL=58gm/L which is a 1.0 Molar solution.
    2. In these labs we approximate a molar solution by using 100 mL water, instead of 100 mL final solution, thereby ignoring the volume contributed by the salts.

  3. Homework
    • finish "dozens" problem.
    • finish LAB 1 write-up.
    • read sections 1 (Nature of Matter) and 2 (Composition of Matter) in chapter 3 of Biology,
      Miller-Levine (Prentice-Hall), and do the review questions at the end of each section.

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