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  1. Based on what you have learned about ions, charges, atomic masses, atomic structure, the periodic table, moles, volume, molarity, etc., can you predict the behavior in an electric field of a salt that has two + charges per atom instead of one ?

    CaCl2             Ca++     +     2Cl-


    NaCl             Na+     +     Cl-

  2. Design an experiment to test that prediction:
    • Question: What is the effect on electric current of using a salt with atoms that have two positive charges each instead of one?
    • Hypothesis (your prediction for how this salt will compare to NaCl).
    • Test description
    • Materials/Procedure
    • Data
    • Data Analysis (graphs, calculations, formulas used)
    • Conclusion -
      • restate hypothesis
      • hypothesis right or wrong
      • defense of your conclusion using data to support your arguments.

  3. Do the experiment (Final day)

  4. Final Report Form
    1. Cover Page - Title, authors, Science 3, date
    2. Experiment #1 - NaCl
      Experiment #2 - CsCl
      Experiment #3 - NaCl vs KCl
      Experiment #4 - NaCl vs CaCl2

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