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Activities-To-Go is a place for all science teachers to share innovative, successful teaching strategies and activities to help students learn the concepts and processes of the life sciences. You may UPLOAD an activity, or do a search by Keyword, Grade Level, Subject and Special Categories, or National Science Education Standards (NSES)

Search Activities by Keyword:

Enter a word in the above box and press the Search button, or press the Return key. The results of your search will be all activities which contain the word or combination of words you have entered.

Tips for Searching

You may search for a whole or a part of a word. For example, enter "leuk" to find documents that contain the word "leukemia." You may also search for multiple terms. For example, you might enter "farming environment" to find documents that combine the two topics. The search is not case-sensitive; your keyword will match both upper and lower case words in the documents.

Find Activities by Grade Level, Subject and Special Categories:

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Find Activities by NSES Standards:

To view concepts within a Content Standard, click on “NSES” adjacent to the concept title. Then select a concept from the list and press Search find all the Activities about that concept. For definitions of the NSES Standards, see the links below.

Definition of NSES Standards

To see a description of any Content Standard of the National Science Education Standards (NSES) click on the title of the Content Standard. For example, clicking on "Unifying Concepts", takes you to that part of the NSES which describes the both the content categories and underlying philosophy of that Standard.

Unifying Concepts History and Nature of Science Life Science
Science and Technology Science in Personal and Social Perspectives Physical Science
Science as Inquiry Other Standards Earth and Space Science

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