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Peggy Welch

I have found an easy format for students to follow when reviewing a scientific article. I modify it to fit the level of student. For example, some students simply fill a 5 x 8 note card while others are required to submit a one-page typed summary. I also supply articles for my students to check out. I staple them to old file folders to help with their preservation.

Here's the format.

Proper citation of the article.

Paragraph one:
In this paragraph, summarize the article by explaining the major ideas that the author is attempting to get across. What is the author's vocation? Where is the research being done? Did the author carry out the research or is he reporting the findings of someone else?

Paragraph two:
In this paragraph, give your reaction to the article. Do you agree with the author? Are you interested in this research? Why or why not? Is there more research that needs to be done in this area? If yes, what? Has the author left you with unanswered questions?

Finally, list 3-5 terms which were new to you or that are key words in the article, and define them.

Moore, Randy. 1992. Writing to Learn Biology. Saunders College Publisher. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich College Publisher.

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