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Judith L. Allard


You and your lab partner are scientists who have been hired by the Kingdom of Pasta. You have been charged with developing a classification system for all the different kinds of organisms in the kingdom. Your system must include scientific names of each of the groups and your final product must include a classification key so the residents of the Kingdom of Pasta will be able to classify the organisms after you have left.

Your plastic bag contains one member of each kind of organism. Develop a dichotomous classification key which can be used to classify the organisms of the Kingdom of Pasta. Be sure to test your key to make sure that it works for all organisms. Hand in one neat and error free copy of your key for evaluation (one key/team).

Suggested procedure:

1. Sort your individuals into related groups. These
groups may be members of the same species.

2. Give the individuals tentative scientific names. Try
to make the names descriptive and Latin sounding.

3. Construct a key so that someone else can identify your

4. Test your key by having another team try it while you
try their key.

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