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Race for the Double Helix

Film Guide

by Catherine Sheils Ross
John Racey (student teacher)

Answer the following questions on your own paper as you watch the movie:

1. Who is one of the "believers"?

2. Name the bright hope.

3. What is the gossip?

4. What are the goals, and who is goal oriented?

5. What is the "buried treasure"? Who possesses it?

6. What is the "A" form of DNA? Who is working on it?

7. What is the "B" form of DNA? Who is working on it?

8. How do the scientists look at the structure of DNA?

9. What are the little problems?

10. Who are the" little boys"?

11. What didn't she see?

12. How did they pair the bonds? Were the paper cutouts of any value?

13. What is "beautiful"?

14. What benefits could have been achieved if everyone would have shared information?

15. Briefly describe the scientific methods of Watson and Crick.

16. What comments/feelings do you have regarding this discovery and the way it was discovered?

17.-21. Read the Nobel Prize Winning paper from Nature-April 1953 on DNA, and answer the questions that follow:

17. Why didn't a triple helix model work to explain DNA structure?

18. What is the novel feature of the Watson-Crick model?

19. How does the sequence of one side of DNA determine the other side?

20. What is one major significance of this specific structure?

21. Many biologists feel that the discovery of DNA structure is the most significant biological discovery of this century.
a. why do they feel this way?
b. What do you think?
c. Did they deserve the Nobel Prize?

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