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Activity Description of "Support Your Local Science Books"

Title Support Your Local Science Books
Audience Middle/High School - any science
Abstract In this open-ended activity, students are presented with a problem: they must support a minimum of two science books 2cm above the lab table. Unfortunately for some of them, the materials they must use (paper, scissors, tape) do not provide an immediately obvious solution to this situation. Teacher notes are included that provide hints for optimizing this critical-thinking situation.
Author Chuck Downing
Email downgrED@oa.ptloma.edu
Unifying Concept Evidence, models, and explanation
Science and Technology Abilities of technological design
Science as Inquiry Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
History and Nature of Science Science as a human endeavor
Science in Personal and Social PerspectivesPersonal and community health, Science and technology in local, national, global challenges
Life, Physical, Earth Sciences Diversity and adaptations of organisms
Other Standards Assessment

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