Forensics Overview


The following NC Competency Goals in biology are reinforced:

  1. The learner will develop the ability to use science process skills (Goal 2)
  2. The learner will develop the ability to use science manipulative skills (Goal 3)
  3. The learner will demonstrate the knowledge of various careers in biology and its application (Obj. 5.3)
  4. The learner will demonstrate knowledge of the chemical basis of heredity (Obj. 7.2)


At the conclusion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Manipulate a compound microscope correctly.
  2. Compare and distinguish human hair and animal hair under the microscope
  3. Type blood as to its ABO type.
  4. Explain the ABO blood type antigen/antibody reaction.
  5. Carry out gel electrophoresis of DNA and analyze the bands.
  6. Engage in chromatography of various inks and identify an unknown ink sample.
  7. Examine evidence and conclude the identity of a suspect in a simulated crime scene using the evidence provided.
  8. Communicate the biology skills necessary for forensic investigations and careers in a crime lab.