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  1. Introduction to Case 96-3337
  2. Autopsy Report
  3. Crime Scene Report
  4. Interviews
  5. Banking Information
  6. List of Evidence--Handout 2
Introduction to Case 96-3337

Case 96-3337
This R/O (Reporting Officer) was on routine patrol in the St. Stephens area. On December 9 at 1 a.m. I saw a light on in a classroom of St. Stephens HS. In investigated and found the door to the building open. When I walked into the classroom I saw the body of a white male lying on the floor. There was blood on the floor and a gunshot wound in the head. A wallet was in his pants pocket with no money, but had driver's license with the name Ralph Voosen. A file cabinet drawer containing files of school material was pulled open. A spent gun cartridge was on the floor. No other people were in the building. I called for back up and ambulance. Attempt to revive victim was not successful, and he was pronounced DOA at Catawba Hospital.

Officer J. Beach

Autopsy Report:
Name: Ralph Voosen
Description: White Male, 5'8", 180 lb. DOB 5/12/66
Brown hair, no facial hair or tattoos
Blood type A
Cause of death--massive hemorrhage in brain

Bullet was in brain. No barium or lead was found on hands. There were skin cells under the fingernails of the victim.

Time of death is estimated to be between 11 p.m and midnight on Dec. 8.

Toxicology report: no alcohol or unusual material in blood.

Dr. P. J. Keeler, pathologist

Crime Scene Report
No fingerprints were found at the scene other than those of the deceased. Hair samples were taken in the room. Blood was sampled from victim and from the floor. Victim's clothes were taken and examined. A note was found in the right pants pocket which read "Meet me in your classroom at 11 p.m. tonight. We need to talk." The wallet contained a driver's license but no money. The victim had a set of keys with a front door key to the building, classroom key, house key and key to the victim's car.

Officer Glen Walker, Evidence Technician

CASE 96-3337: Interviews

Transcript of Interview with Pat Mayhew,102 15th St. NE, Dec. 9, 9 a.m.
Pat Mayhew is a white female, DOB 4/3/71
She has blond hair, blue eyes and is 5'6", 130 pounds

She works as a receptionist/bookkeeper for Mr. Voosen's company Compufix. Ms. Mayhew was very upset when she was told of Mr. Voosen's death. She said they were dating and had discussed marriage. On the night of Dec.. 9 she went to dinner with the deceased from 7-9 p.m. The couple then came back to her house where they watched t.v. Mr. Voosen left around 10:30. He said he was going home to bed. No mention was made of going to school.

This R/O interviewed neighbors of Pat Mayhew on both sides of the street. The only neighbor home on Dec. 8 was Ellen Carolla, 104 15th St. NE
Interviewed on Dec. 9 10 a.m Mrs. Carolla has a clear view of the Mayhew driveway when her curtain is open. She said she saw a car drive up around 9 p.m. on Dec. 9 as a t.v. program was ending. She had her windows open and heard Ms. Mayhew and boyfriend Ralph Voosen in heated argument. Mrs. Carolla said she heard Ms. Mayhew say "You are such a loser and I wish I 'd never set eyes on you." The couple then went into Ms. Mayhew's house. Mrs. Carolla went to bed at 10 p.m. and did not see or hear Mr. Voosen leave.

Interview with Richard J. Barnes
1960 44th St. NW, Hickory
Partner with Mr. Voosen, the deceased in computer repair business called Compufix for 2 years.
Interviewed Dec. 9, 2 p.m.

Mr. Barnes is a white male, 150 lb. 5'10" DOB June 1, 1970, Brown hair, brown eyes
He had invested in 50% of the business with Mr. Voosen. He mainly traveled out of town to fix computers, leaving Mr Voosen to do some repair work in town on weekends and in the summer. The business was going very well, they had more work than they could keep up with. On the night of Dec. 9 he said he was home repairing computers and went to bed around 11 p.m. He has no witnesses to this.

Interview with Mr. Scott Stuckey, science teacher at St. Stephens High School
3205 34th St. Dr. NE
Time of Interview: 8 a.m. Dec. 9

Mr. Stuckey confirmed that the deceased was employed as a teacher at the high school and that he also had a computer repair business on the side. Mr. Stuckey was a friend of the deceased and talked with him when they had hall duty together. He said the deceased had been dating Pat Mayhew on a regular basis, and that before dating the deceased, Ms. Mayhew had dated Patrick Barnes, the partner in the business. He said that he couldn't imagine what Mr. Voosen was doing in the school at the time of death. He could have come to get an old test or handout that he needed to redo for school. He did not know offhand of any enemies the deceased might have. He was not that familiar with the computer business and how it was going.

Officer J. Beach

Banking Information
Wachovia Bank Acct. 66208 321-00
Ralph Voosen

December 6 Check to Compufix, Inc 4000.00
December 7 No transactions
December 8 Wachovia Visa Charge
Red Lobster, Hickory 26.42
9:01 p.m.
ATM Withdrawal
10:45 p.m. 300.00

Case 96-3337

Exhibit A-hair from deceased Ralph Voosen
Exhibit B-hairs from crime scene
Exhibit C-Hair from Pat Mayhew
Exhibit X-Hair from Richard Barnes

Exhibit D-Blood from crime scene
Exhibit E-blood from victim
Exhibit F-Blood from Pat Mayhew
Exhibit G-Blood from Richard Barnes

Exhibit I--Piece of note
Exhibit J-Pen from pocket of deceased
Exhibit K-Pen from purse of Pat Mayhew
Exhibit L- Pen from pocket of Richard Barnes

Exhibit M-DNA from cells found under fingernails of victim
Exhibit N-DNA from white blood cells of Pat Mayhew
Exhibit O-DNA from white blood cells of Richard Barnes

Exhibit P-wallet containing drivers license, ATM teller receipt

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