Flow chart of tests

Test for hair
Must involve microscope 5
Must show comparison between animal and human 5
Test for blood
Involve ABO antisera 5
Detail where clumping occurs in each type 5
Test for DNA
Use gel electrophoresis 5
Comparison of bands from different sources 5
Test for ink
Use chromatography 5
Location of bands at same site mean same source 5
Total 40

Experimental technique
Make dry mount directly 5
Set up chromatogram 5
Load gel properly and follow kit instructions 5
Mix blood and antiserum without contamination 5
Group works well, divides tasks, stays on task, cleans up 10

Conclusion paper
Correctly identifies who committed crime and why 10
Gives evidence from lab work to support conclusion 10
Logically outlines events of evening 10


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Forensic Unit Table of Contents

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