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Blazing a Genetic Trail - Portfolio and Rubric

Aleta Sullivan

Portfolio Entry Instructions
Read the articles in BLAZING A GENETIC TRAIL .
A May 1991 Report from the Howard
Hughes Medical Institute

For further info, contact:
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
6701 Rockledge Drive
Bethesda, MD 20817

Choose articles from each category as directed to develop portfolio entries. Each entry is a response to an article.

You are required to respond to the following articles:
"How to Conquer a Genetic Disease"
"Of Mice and Men"
"Future of Genetic Research"

You are to choose one selection from:
"Stalking a Lethal Gene"
"In Search of Large Families"

Each portfolio entry will include:
1. Synopsis of article: one paragraph.
2. Reaction to the article - Do you agree or disagree with the philosophy or ethics of the article One paragraph, be specific.
3. How does information apply to life in the world today?
One paragraph, use specific examples.
4. How does information apply to our study of Human Anatomy?
One paragraph, use specific examples.
5. A letter to the reader: See below.

Dear Reader Letter:

(This friendly letter is to the instructor or anyone else who might browse through your portfolio.)
Place the date in the top right corner.

In this letter, you are to rank your responses (entries) as to which one you consider your best (#1) to which you consider your least developed (#10). Write a paragraph justifying your ranking of your writings.

You are also to discuss the common thread which ties the articles you chose. In other words: what do all the articles have in common?

Discuss in a few sentences how your thoughts about science might have changed because you read this book.


Rubric for grading portfolio entries

A The entry includes well-developed paragraphs in each of the prescribed areas. Synopsis of article is well written and in the reader's own words, not using exact wording of text. The reaction to the article includes thought provoking questions from the reader. Application to life includes specific examples from the text or from current news events. Application to anatomy includes specific examples from text and current study.

B The entry includes at least 3 of the four areas represented in well- developed paragraphs. Reader uses some of the exact wording of article in synopsis. The reaction to article includes some thought provoking questions. Applications to life includes examples from text or current news events. Applications to anatomy are sited.

C The entry has somewhat-developed paragraphs for each area. Reader uses much of the original wording in the synopsis. Reaction to article is limited to little or no thought. Application to life is vague, but present. Application to anatomy is vague, but present.

D Entry is missing any of the four topic areas. Paragraphs are poorly developed. There is little or no reaction. Application to life is hinted at, if present at all. Application to anatomy is hinted at, if present at all.

F Entry not turned in, or each topic is covered in a single sentence.

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