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Activity Description of "Cell Analogies Collage"

Title Cell Analogies Collage
Audience Grades 9-12. Biology, Integrated Science, Advanced Biology
Abstract This project challenges students to make original functional anologies between cell structures and everyday objects. The analogies are illustrated by pictures cut from magazines and newspapers. A student hand-out is included giving assignment details. The project fosters critical thinking by requiring students to clearly state and explain their analogies. Completed collages are displayed in the classroom to recognize student originality, diversity, and creativity. Students reinforce their understanding of cell structure and function by comparing and discussing the collages.
Author Katharine Noonan
Email KTNoon72@ix.netcom.com
Unifying Concept Evidence, models, and explanation
Science and Technology Understandings about science and technology
Science as Inquiry Understandings about scientific inquiry
History and Nature of Science
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
Life, Physical, Earth Sciences The cell
Other Standards

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