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Ecology Issue Paper
Gary Brekke

Students will research and write a letter concerning an issue of national interest to the president of the United States.


  1. Choose a current issue of interest, such as air pollution or saving the spotted owl.

  2. Find four sources on the topic from library sources, such as the Internet, newspapers, encyclopedias, news magazines, ect.

  3. Write a paragraph synopsis of each source.

  4. Write a paragraph evaluation of each source.

  5. For each source make a decision on how the issue affects you and the nation and put this information into a chart that has the headings Pro, Con and Neutral.

  6. Using the information gained in steps 1-5, write a statement that you believe to be true concerning the issue.

  7. Using all the information gathered, write a "flawless" letter to the president about your issue.

  8. Send the letter to the president either via E-mail or regular post office mail.

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