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Activity Description of "Holiday Spirit Enzyme Reaction"

Title Holiday Spirit Enzyme Reaction
Audience Biology, Advanced Biology
Abstract Students create a story strip illustrating an enzyme-catalysed reaction with a holiday motif. The product is a holiday phrase of their choosing (e.g. NollaigShonadhuit - that's Irish for Merry Christmas!). The enzyme is something which contributes to (catalyses) the holiday spirit but isn't used up (e.g. Love). Students learn the steps in enzyme catalysis as well as other principles of enzyme action by comparing and discussing their story strips. An opportunity to express creativity and celebrate diversity.
Author Katharine Noonan
Email KTNoon72@ix.netcom.com
Unifying Concept Evidence, models, and explanation
Science and Technology Understandings about science and technology
Science as Inquiry Understandings about scientific inquiry
History and Nature of Science
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
Life, Physical, Earth Sciences Matter, energy and organization in living systems, Chemical reaction
Other Standards Assessment

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