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Activity Description of "Channel 2 News at 10:00"

Title Channel 2 News at 10:00
Audience Regular level biology students
Abstract This activity is used as an end of the year project to summarize what the students have learned about humans effect on the earth. It is intended to review what the students have learned regarding human effect on the earth but also to gain a greater perspective on the subject by interviewing other people (parents and grandparents) on the topics that they have learned about. The students will come up with a list of interview questions that involve topics that we have studied (or with approval) topics they are interested in. They will conduct three interviews to learn about the past present and future of Mother Earth. The past interview is completed by someone over 60, the present interview is completed by someone over 35 and the future is completed by the student who is to make predictions of the status of Mother Earth in 50 years. The students then have to come up with a visual aid that illustrates what they have learned about the three different time periods. Then, the students use this information to conduct a newscast.
Author Lisa Fernandez
Email lfernan@ix.netcom.com
Unifying Concept Change, constancy, and measurement
Science and Technology Understandings about science and technology
Science as Inquiry Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
History and Nature of Science Historical perspectives
Science in Personal and Social PerspectivesEnvironmental quality, Natural and human induced hazards
Life, Physical, Earth Sciences Populations and ecosystems, Diversity and adaptations of organisms, Origin and evolution of the earth system
Other Standards Assessment

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