American Medical Association

You are representing the interests of doctors and medical researchers. You believe that the use of animals in medical research is absolutely necessary. The wonders of modern medicine could never have been achieved without animal testing. It is your group’s opinion that animal rights activists are hypocrites who want to enjoy the benefits of modern medicine, but are not willing to acknowledge the vital role animal research has played in the development of most disease treatments.

American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums

The AAZPA is an organization which accredits zoos and aquariums. Currently less than 10% of all licensed animal exhibitors are accredited by the AAZPA. You feel that regulation of the animal treatment and conditions in zoos and aquariums is very important. Zoos are vitally important to species preservation, captive breeding, and understanding the natural history of the great diversity of creatures on Earth. Although there are many animal exhibits which are more concerned with making money than with species preservation, the AAZPA is working hard at eliminating these types of "zoos".

Belle Visage Cosmetics Corporation

Your company is one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetics in the US. Your products have a reputation for being affordable, beautiful, and not harsh or irritating to people with sensitive skin. The Food and Drug Administration requires all cosmetic companies to provide scientific evidence that their products are not harmful to humans before they are approved for sale. Testing of Belle Visage products on animals is a cheap and very effective methods for determining their safety. Your company is concerned that abandoning animal testing will force them to use other more expensive methods of product safety testing. This additional cost will be passed along to consumers and sales of Belle Visage cosmetics will suffer.

Biozyme Pharmaceuticals

Your company is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of drugs in the US. The Food and Drug Administration requires all new drugs be extensively tested to provide scientific evidence that they are not harmful to humans before they are approved for sale. Animal testing, which precedes human clinical trials, is a vital part of this process. After all who would feel safe testing a new drug or vaccine that had never been given to any other animal except you?? You want to point out that animals are used only after extensive preliminary research into the safety and effectiveness of the drug. Even when animals are used, this is done as humanely as is possible.

National Cattleman's Association

Farmers and ranchers believe it is the purpose of food animals to serve mankind and the responsibility of human beings to care for those animals. The industry's goal is to provide a safe and wholesome products for America's tables. Consumers demand high quality meat products and it is in the cattleman's best interest to keep his herd healthy and well cared for. Although some practices such as branding, dehorning, and castration may seem cruel to the general public, these procedures are done in a professional manner and help to prevent aggressive behavior and injury of animals.

Veterinary Technician

You work for a large research facility and are in charge of animal care for the lab animals. Although it is sometimes necessary to euthanize some of the animals or to sacrifice them for research tests, this is rare and is done humanely. When animal rights groups, such as the Animal Liberation Front, release animals from research centers, they endanger not only the animals they supposedly love but also the public by exposing them to animals carrying disease. The entire world benefits from the research done at facilities like yours and it would be foolish to give up disease cures because research on animals makes some people uncomfortable.

Vegetarians for Ethical Farming Practices

It would be nice if all of America adopted a vegetarian lifestyle, but your group realizes that this is not very likely anytime in the near future. VEFP does, however, believe that anyone would benefit from a reduction in their meat consumption and that inhumane farming and ranching practices should be stopped. Factory farms are unsanitary slaughter houses contaminated with e-coli, salmonella, and other germs. You are disgusted that farmers are concerned only with profit and maximizing yield but have no concern about the welfare of their animals or the consumer.

Student Action Corp for Animals

You are a grass roots student organization that opposes the slaughter of animals for classroom dissection. There are very good alternatives to dissection and these should be used. Your group feels teachers should encourage students to respect living things not view them as merely lab equipment. Dissection is expensive not only in terms of dollars but also in the numbers of animals (especially frogs) sacrificed.

Nature's Way Cosmetics Corporation

Your company is living proof that the cosmetics industry can produce safe and affordable products without testing on animals. Nature's Way uses alternative methods to test the safety of their products. You have never had any trouble receiving FDA approval for any of your company’s cosmetics. As more and more company’s follow your lead, you hope these methods will become the industry standard and animal testing will be completely eliminated.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

PETA is an activist group which seeks the end of animal exploitation in all of its forms. You oppose the use of animals for food, testing, and research. Zoos are considered animal prisons by your group. Talk of breeding programs and species preservation by a few facilities does not compensate for the fact that in most exhibits animals are kept in inadequate cages with little to do. Animals should be left to live their lives free of human meddling.

Animal Liberation Front

The ALF is an activist group which seeks the end of animal exploitation in all of its forms. You oppose the use of animals for food, testing, and research. Zoos, aquariums, and research facilities are considered prisons by your group. The ALF has broken into and freed research animals from several laboratories around the country. You feel this disregard for the law is justified by the violation of the rights of the animals imprisoned in these facilities. Talk of medical advances and disease cures does not compensate for the fact that most animals are kept in inadequate cages with little to do. Animals should be left to live their lives free of human meddling.

International Vegan Society

The IVS believes that people of the world would all be better off if no one consumed animal products of any kind. This includes not only meat but also eggs, cheese, milk, and even honey. Your group justifies this stance on several grounds. Modern factory farming is cruel and abusive to animals. Animals are not here for humans to use and mistreat. Veganism is a more healthy diet for humans. The use of agricultural lands to grow crops for human consumption is vastly more efficient than raising live stock. In the face of our rapid population growth the whole world would benefit by "eating lower on the food chain".