Biotine (Biology Valentine)

by Tish Taylor

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Notes for Teacher:

I spruce up the instructions that I give to students using a graphics program (Print Shop Deluxe).

I deliberately give minimal instructions to allow opportunity for the creative juices to flow. They can use any biology concept/topic as their focus. I encourage them to make it look as much like a real valentine as possible. I end up with all degrees of elaboration--from a folded sheet with a few hearts to shaped, lace covered ones. I also encourage my computer experts to construct electronic valentines if they so desire. HyperStudio lends itself nicely to this assignment. On February 13th, or sometime prior to the 14th I have them due so that I can grade them and return them on the 14th. Then on the 14th I have each student share his/her valentine with the class and we pass them around.

This could also be done as a group project on Valentines Day. It would be interesting to see what they could come up with on the spur of the moment.

I have included some examples at the end of the lesson/activity.


Two to three weeks prior to Valentine's Day I hand out the following assignment:

Biology Valentine Poem

THEME: Any topic studied this year!

POEM LENGTH: At least 8 lines



You may construct an electronic biotine if you wish using HyperStudio or another presentation program of your choice.

Neatness, creativity of presentation & creativity of poem ( I count it as 3 daily grades so they will take it seriously)

I choose some of the better ones to put in the Teacher1s Lounge on Valentine's Day. This has been a big hit with the faculty.

The following are some examples of the original wording they have come up with. You may want to share some of these with your students to get them started on the right track.

This activity is lots of fun for them and me!

Oh, cell
Oh, cell
How I love thee;
Your cell membrane holds me together whenever I feel
like falling apart.
The mitochondria which you contain gives me the
energy to go on.
My feelings are given to me by your Endoplasmic
Reticulum which is what
I love about you.
The most important thing which allows me to love you
is your heart.
Your nucleus is the heart which I will always love.
Oh, cell
Oh, cell
These are just a few reasons why you are a major part of my life.

Your Adenine and Thymine
Match in a very perfect way.
Your Cytosine and Guanine
Will keep me near all day.
And when they match with nitrogen bases,
Making a double-helix ladder,
I cannot think of any other
Which makes me any gladder!

When you find the person who you are destined for,
You begin to make a new cell, a cell called love.
The love will soon grow and blossom,
But before, your move must begin a prophase.
You and your love must decide if your love should
Once you've decided, you begin to enter a metaphase,
A phase where you begin to get ready for the best.
The best times and days you and your love spend.
As the growing keeps going, you become art of anaphase.
Your inner love has now separated.
And at the end you have finally been completed
You have completed the growth of love.
And so you start over again,
Your love continues to divide
And you have a love so large and full
A love you can never forget.
And a love so full and true
Something so special between two people,
That two people are inseparable.
Inseparable by the love that has grown.
And nobody can ever stop the dividing of love.

Viruses can be good, but mostly they are bad,
Although they make you miserable,
Like it or not, they make scientists glad.
Even the worst provide benefits for all.
No one believes this when they make the call,
To tell the doctor they threw up in the hall.
I want you to trust me, no matter what they may do,
Not even the flu is all bad for you,
Engineers of genetics agree with me too!

Viruses are made of DNA.
Please don't ever go away.
Are you alive or are you not?
As many scientists once have thought.
It is said that you can't grow,
But inside of a cell you do show,
Just how alive you really are.
You can live for years inside a jar,
Even though you will attack a cell,
I know you are doing it just to stay well.
So don't worry, you have a friend,
And I'll always have a cell to lend.

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