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Patsye Peebles

This is my answer to how to "cover" the rest of the book! I don't pretend that this will teach the students everything they ever want to know about the body, but they should learn a lot about "their" system, and be exposed to information about the others. They are very creative in how they present their lessons--some do video productions or plays worthy of publication, and others do a very unimaginative job. The opportunities it provides for standing in the teacher's shoes and for learning how to teach something are very valuable, but more importantly they learn how to determine which facts and concepts are most important and how to find out information for themselves. I usually reserve the reproductive system for myself, but if you are very brave you can assign it also. I usually combine some systems for my classes, and I include the specific page numbers or chapters from our biology book for their reference. The form below is the student handout from this year.


Nervous system Monday May 8
Senses Monday May 8

Skeletal system Tuesday May 9
Muscular system Tuesday May 9

Digestive system Wednesday May 10
Respiratory system Wednesday May 10

Circulatory system Thursday May 11
Excretory (urinary) system Thursday May 11

Lymphatic system and skin Friday May 12
Endocrine system Friday May 12

You will be assigned a human system by drawing the name. Your group will have 15-20 minutes to TEACH that system to the class. You must turn in a list of important concepts by Thursday May 4. The day before presenting your system you must turn in four good multiple choice questions on your system. The day of your presentation, you must use and turn in an appropriate visual aid (poster, transparency, handout, etc.). All members of the group must participate in the presentation in some way, but participation doesn't have to be equal. You will be graded on how well you teach the system, appropriateness and effectiveness of your visual aids, the quality of your questions, how well you identify the important concepts to teach, and participation of the entire group. This will be a major grade. A quiz will be made out from the question pool provided by all three sections, and each day at the end of class everyone will take the quiz on that day's presentations. This will add up to a test grade for this unit.

Grades for the Body Project are based on the concept list (20 pts.), questions turned in(15 pts.), visual aid (15 pts.), group participation (10 pts.), and the presentation itself(40 pts.) They often earn bonus points by having more than one visual aid.

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