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Film Guide for:
Nick Nolte and Susan Sarandon

by Cathy Ross

Please read these questions over before you see the movie!! Then consider and write your answers on your own paper.
  1. From the description of the disease, ALD, (adrenoleukodystrophy) sketch what Lorenzo's neurons most likely looked like after a year. Include a sketch of a normal neuron.

  2. ALD is a recessive sex-linked or X-linked disease. If this is a partial family tree for the Odone's, what are the probable genotypes of the family members listed:

    XA = normal neurons and xa = ALD

    Aunt #1 . . . . X--X--
    Aunt #2 . . . . X--X--
    Aunt Dee . . . X--X--
    Michaela . . . X--X--
    Augusto . . . . X--Y
    Lorenzo . . . . X--Y

  3. What was Augusto Odone's plumbing example used to explain? How do analogies often help us understand a scientific problem?

  4. How did diet affect this disease's progression? And what was "Lorenzo's Oil" ? Why was it so special?

  5. How did Augusto use modeling (paper clips) to solve a scientific problem? Can you think of other "great discoveries" that employed models?

  6. Did this family's courage and persistence inspire you? How?

  7. Why did they encounter resistance from the medical community and from the support organization? What did you learn from observing this behavior?

  8. We can learn anything we want to. Most of us will and should regard ourselves as "lifelong learners." How did Augusto and Michaela Odone demonstrate this?

  9. As you reflect on this movie, how did the Odone family use the scientific method? Start with the problem statement and use examples from the movie to illustrate the steps.

  10. How do we all use scientific method to solve everyday problems in our lives?
C. Sheils Ross, 1993

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