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A New Adventure in Learning
Karen Goldman

You are a member of a new company specializing in tours that allow the traveler to experience the environment first-hand. The company provides trips to many areas of the world. Once a customer arrives at a destination point, they travel for 10 days by non-motorized transport through a relatively untouched, natural area. Ecologically speaking, these tours are kind to the environment and allow the tourist to have close contact with the biome of their choice. This type of education increases the person's awareness of the sensitivity of the biome and its importance to the overall health of the planet.

Recently, there has been an offer made by a large company to fund the development of tours that help educate the traveler. $280 million dollars has been dedicated to supporting the new ecotourism industry. The large company has asked to see your travel brochure. You must now upgrade your travel brochure to offer some of the most exciting, out-of-the-ordinary, educational trips you can. It is suggested that you follow the procedures outlined to maximize the opportunity to win the funding.

Homework- Day 1:
  1. Each individual in your company should choose 3 destination points for this type of travel. They should choose something that sounds intriguing or exciting to them. It is suggested that the topic be discussed with friends and family to get some good ideas.

  2. Write below a brief description of these destinations and at what month of the year the trip would take place.
    Destination 1:

    Destination 2:

    Destination 3:

Business Day 1:
  1. Hold a meeting with all your company members. Select one individual to chair the meeting. This individual is responsible for seeing that each member of the company is heard and given equal time. The chairperson should not be talking all the time.

  2. In a round-robin fashion, listen to the choice destinations from each member of the company. Take notes (in your class notebooks!) of the destination point, the biome represented and the time of year the trip would take place.

  3. Make a decision as to which of the destinations would best represent the needs of your company. Be sure to include as many different biomes as possible and be sure to cover as many months of the year as possible (remember, you wouldn't want to travel in a temperate desert in the summer and the seasons of the year are different in different places in the world). Your company must have a different trip done by each member of the company.

  4. Once your destinations have been decided and you are comfortable that they are representative of the months of the year and the biomes of the Earth, you are ready to do some organizing and research. Follow the suggestions below. Keep your notes on research and organization in your class notebook.
Business Days 2 and 3:

Use the library and other resources (don't forget teachers who have traveled...they may have some good ideas or pictures they may be willing to share) to help you do the following:

  1. Develop an itinerary for 10 days. Identify the destination points clearly. The first and the last days may be spent arriving, getting acquainted with the group, departing, etc.

  2. In the itinerary, note the means of transportation that will be used and the major biological communities that will be traversed.

  3. Describe any special sightseeing that will happen during the ten days and any special equipment or clothing needs that may be required.

  4. Write a description that will entice people to visit the biome you have chosen. Describe for them some of the major highlights of this particular biome. You may want to include something about the usual weather conditions to expect at the time of travel and any special biological communities that they may get to experience. Be sure to explain your credentials as an experienced tour guide for the area. This must be limited to two-thirds of one page, typed. Your itinerary must also be placed on this page.

  5. Provide pictures, illustrations, drawings, etc. for the brochure that will form the facing page for your description. Use captions if you wish. Use your face in some of the pictures if you want (remember, you're the guide!) This paper must the same size as a normal piece of typing paper. Be sure your name is on both pages.
Business Days 4 and 5:
  1. Your company must now organize the brochure. You must also decide which of the trips will be chosen to be presented to the big company's boss (the teacher). You will only be allowed to present three of your trips and you will have a maximum of ten minutes to do this presentation. Make a group decision about which three should be presented and who will make the presentations.

  2. Display your company's brochure attractively as directed by the teacher.

  3. Wait patiently for your turn to present.

    ... and.... the results......How much money did your company win?

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