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Netscape Science Project - Scavenger Hunt 1

Gary Brekke, Woodrow Wilson Community High School
Fargo, ND

Object: To become familiar with accessing INTERNET information using Netscape, complete the following scavenger hunt. Document the source of each.

  1. A weather map of North Dakota for today.

  2. A picture of a blackhole.

  3. The location of the space shuttle Columbia.

  4. A map of North Dakota

  5. Number of active volcanoes in the the world today.

  6. Cuttlefish photograph.

  7. Map of today's Northern lights activity over North Dakota.

  8. Photograph of Mount Saint Helens.

  9. Bill Nye the science guy's email address.

  10. The number of people in the United States as of today.

  11. Weather conditions for Paris, France.

  12. Chemical information about aspirin.

  13. Email address for the president.

  14. Number of earthquakes in the United States for yesterday.

  15. Diagram of a human heart.

  16. A photograph of the Orion Nebula.

  17. The http:// address for the Smithsonian Institution.

  18. Picture of a frog liver.

  19. Population of the State of North Dakota.

  20. Best treatment for the common cold.

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