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Truman Holtzclaw

So, you have been wondering what you can do in place of the regular homework assignments? Well here's your answer. Ten of the following alternative activities may be used as a make-up or substitute for the regular daily classroom assignments. Be sure that you have the instructor's approval before starting any alternative activity. If you have not received prior approval, no credit will be given. There will be a limit of ten alternative activities per student.

The purpose of these alternative activities is to give you some freedom in picking science-related activities and/or topics that are of high interest to you. In addition, it may give you a chance to express some of your hidden talents and add to your learning.


  1. Make up a subject related puzzle such as a: crossword; wordfind; wordscramble; science squares; science brain teasers; etc. "See the make-up box."

  2. Watch and report on a science television program. (30 minutes = 10 points) A "T.V. " report form will be provided by your instructor.

  3. Make up some poetry, story or a song on a class related topic.

  4. Attend some science-related club or organization. Such as: The Audubon Society, Zoological Society, Astronomical Society, Native Plant Society or the Geological Society. Please take some notes and collect any free information pamphlets.

  5. Visit some science-related site (such as: a museum, zoo, fish hatchery, a private science business, Exploratorium etc.) and give a written/oral report on what you learned.

  6. Read and report (oral/written) on a science article out of a newspaper, magazine, or professional journal.

  7. Attend a science-related field trip and report on it (oral/written). Many of these science related field trips are regularly given by groups such as the Audubon Soc., Sierra Club, Astronomical Society, State Parks, Gem & Mineral Society, National Parks, etc.

  8. Take part in some science-related activity such as Earth Day, Nature Center activities, Environmental Clean-up Days, Science Olympiad, trail restoration , etc.

  9. Prepare and give a class demonstration on some class related subject matter.

  10. Make and put up a bulletin board display relating to our current class subject matter.

  11. Build some type of model relating to our class subject matter.

" Please remember to get prior approval before starting any of the above items. "

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