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Center of Gravity Lab

by GLyon

Students work in pairs...
  1. Use felt pens to outline your partner's body on a piece of butcher paper. Determine your partner's approximate center of gravity by carefully cutting out the human outline and balancing it on your finger. Mark the center of gravity on your partner's body with a piece of tape.

  2. Get a six foot piece of butcher paper and tape it to a flat wall. Outline your partner's entire body while he is standing evenly on two feet. Mark their approximate center of gravity on the outline.

  3. Place your partner in the same spot but this time standing on one leg. With a different color pen outline their body's new position and mark where their center of gravity now is.

Can you stand on one foot without moving your center of gravity? Why not?

Try this one!
Turn your right side to the wall. Put your right foot and cheek against the wall. Now try to lift your left foot off the floor. Why can't you do it?

Glued to your chair?
Sit up straight in your chair with your feet straight down and your arms crossed on your chest. Now, keeping your feet flat and your back straight, try to stand up. Could you do it? Why or why not?

Battle of the Sexes!
  1. Stand exactly two of your foot lengths from the wall.
  2. Place a chair between you and the wall.
  3. Lean over and rest your forehead against the wall.
  4. You must now pick up the chair and try to straighten up without touching the chair to the wall.
    Could more men or women accomplish this? Why?

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