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"Medicine Man" Viewing Guide

Marianne Kot

  1. In the opening scenes, name 2 ways that the rainforests are being destroyed.

  2. EXTRA CREDIT: How do each of these ways impact the CO2 cycle and the greenhouse effect?

  3. What reason was given for the request that Dr. Crane should wear a mask and that she be required to have a physical?

  4. Watch for natural cures Campbell uses: caffeine drugs, stuff for lips, headaches. Describe the side effects of the yoco medicine. Do you think it would meet the Food and Drug Administration guidelines? Why or why not?

  5. What has Campbell found?

  6. What evidence does he have?

  7. What is "compound #37" and why is this compound so important?

  8. What is the source of "compound #37"?

  9. What conditions are sources of research concerning the bromeliads?

  10. What was the real reason that Dr. Campbell was so uncooperative about the intrusion of outsiders into the area?

  11. Why does Campbell have to stop the tractors from cutting down the trees?

  12. Describe the moral issue involved with curing the young boy with lymphoma? How would you have reacted: as Dr. Crane encouraged or as she acted? Explain your feelings on this point.

  13. Define:
    field research

  14. Explain why it is so difficult to isolate an active chemical compound from a naturally occurring substance.

  15. How is this research impacted by the loss of the rainforests?

  16. How would you suggest that the problem be resolved?

  17. What is the canopy of the rainforest? Describe it as Campbell and Crane negotiate it on pulleys.

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