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Mortality Rate Versus Age: An Historical Iowa City Human Population Study

Suggested Resources:

Grigsby, Jill (1988). "Paths for Future Population Aging" Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the gerentological Society of America, San Francisco. ED313284

Macha, Duane (1995). "Obituary Analysis of Early 20th Century Marriage and Family Patterns in Northwest Ohio", Omega: Journal of Death and Dying. v.30, n.2 p. 121-130

Miller, G.T. (1994). Living in the Environment (8th edition). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.
Pulls together information on human population growth into a coherent whole.

Polger, S. (1972). "Population History and Population Policies From an Anthropological Perspective" Current Anthropology. v.13. n.2 p.203-241
Analyzes often-ignored cultural barriers to programs for population control

Smith, Sandra (1997). "Life Expectancy Up, Infant Mortality Down in 1994. Mortality Report." Public Health Reports. v.112, n. 1 p. 87

Sorlie, Paul D. (1995). "U.S. Mortality by Economic, Demographic and Social Characteristics: National Longitudinal Study" American Journal of Public Health. v.85, n.7 p.949


Population Reference Bureau
Timely, objective information on U.S. and international population trends

www. census.gov
U.S. Census bureau
Up-to-date U.S. population information including daily estimate of the U.S. population

Vital statistics of the U.S. at the Superintendent of Documents
Life expectancy, age and sex-adjusted mortality, geographic, socioeconomic and race-indexed mortality figures.

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