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Activity Description of "Cricket Patch Density"

Title Cricket Patch Density
Audience Biology- 10-14
Abstract A semester-length field study investigating the size of a grassland patch as related to cricket population density. By utilizing the mark-recapture method, students apply the Lincoln-Peterson equation to population estimates. Comparisons are made between large grassy patches and small ones for population density. Findings can then be related to further research on habitat fragmentation and species diversity.
Author Jeffrey Weld
Email jeffrey-weld@uiowa.edu
Unifying Concept Evolution and equilibrium
Science and Technology Understandings about science and technology
Science as Inquiry Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
History and Nature of Science Science as a human endeavor, Nature of scientific knowledge
Science in Personal and Social PerspectivesPopulation growth, Natural resources, Environmental quality
Life, Physical, Earth Sciences Interdependence of organisms, Populations and ecosystems
Other Standards

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