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Activity Description of "Bio. Problem Solving Experiments"

Title Bio. Problem Solving Experiments
Audience Grades 7-12, All levels.
Abstract Listed below are experimental research ideas that I have compiled from a variety of sources for a problem solving project that I require for all students-applied and college prep. Students identify a problem of their choosing and work toward solving it using their science process skills. Students are graded on their skill performance using a rubric that I developed for this project. This the first experience these students have had in our K-12 school system to do individual experimental research. Many ideas on the list are ones researched by my students in past years using organisms from the five kingdoms. Others are ones I have compiled from a variety of resource books. Some have come from me going through old biology manuals and revising the "canned" lab into a problem solving experiment. Please e-mail me if I can be of more help or can answer questions--
Author Judy Williams
Email AEJWilliam@aol.com
Unifying Concept Evidence, models, and explanation
Science and Technology Abilities of technological design
Science as Inquiry Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
History and Nature of Science Nature of scientific knowledge
Science in Personal and Social PerspectivesPersonal and community health, Environmental quality, Natural and human induced hazards
Life, Physical, Earth Sciences Interdependence of organisms, Behavior of organisms, Structure and function in living systems, Reproduction and heredity, Diversity and adaptations of organisms
Other Standards Science Teaching, Assessment

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